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Woah, I'm here!

2008-09-14 19:10:19 by zeldagal

I always loved going on Newgrounds but I never excepted myself to ever join here...let alone make a flash. I'm usually on Deviantart, and I'm pretty well known for my Zelda comics. I recently downloaded flash on It's real easy and simple but it has a lot of limitations and I have a really hard time uploading really short flashes already...soooo yeah. Thanks for the 2 out of 5 by the way...D=

Woah, I'm here!


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2008-09-14 20:21:36

I like your art style.


2008-10-01 13:55:38

24 hours until you die... isnĀ“t that of a episode of Arnold? That series in Nick?

zeldagal responds:

Yeah, I love Hey Arnold and I love Zelda Majora's I put 'em together! =D


2008-11-09 00:19:53

I saw your Ocarina of Time aniversary flash, and it was pretty funny, except the sound quality could use adjustments


2009-05-16 15:11:57

nekkid pics?


2009-05-16 16:04:54

And for the 2 out of 5, you just need to put more effort, longer flashes, or "Antiliasing" in the drawings, just pointing out ^_^


2009-05-16 16:06:38

Congrats on the 3.00 by the way! :D


2009-05-16 22:04:25

wow good drawing of link lol i really like ur drawing there good